Great Habits for Practice

Daily practicing is critical to learning to play the piano.   Studying piano uses both visual and motor skills.  The ability to play grows quickly with repetition of materials and thoughtful practice.

Students in the studio are asked to practice daily (except for lesson day!).  For most families it works well for the child to determine the time they will practice daily. For example if practice time is at 4:30pm, life stops.  Homework is set aside and a break is taken at the piano.

In determining the order of materials to practice, students are asked to start with the most challenging pieces first and work toward the easier or more familiar material.

Students are asked to play each assigned piece three times sequentially.  Please be listening while you practice!  If you hear an incorrect note, look back and replay the area in question. Play the bass and treble portions hands separate if needed.   Be sure the music is accurate and replay it a couple of times.

In the beginning stages of learning material, please focus on note accuracy and timing of the piece.  Work with strong sight reading skills and again, always be listening.  The details of pedaling, dynamics and articulation will be worked on as the piece advances.

One final tip….playing a challenging piece right before you go to sleep is a great help.  Our brain continues to process music played right before we go to sleep.  This is a great tip for memorizing music or conquering a challenging piece.

Have a great time making music for yourself and others!

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