Vocal Warm-ups

Getting Ready for the Big Performance….

Be sure to prepare for a great performance earlier in the day.  By keeping an eye on your diet, you’ll be helping to ensure strong tone production and doing your best for a great performance…..

Stay away from milk or citrus products prior to performance.   Water is the best thing for your throat….drink more than you usually do and take water to the performance in case it is needed.  Room temperature water is best at performance if possible.

Warming up!  Aside from vocal warm ups, be sure to include simple stretches to relax your muscles prior to performance.  Turn your head slowly to the right, then left until your chin is over your shoulder.  A second exercise is to drop your head to the right so that your ear is above your shoulder, repeat of the left side.  Backward shoulder circles are excellent for relaxation as well.

Try to arrive early so you are familiar with the performance venue and are ready to do your best.  Even when you are memorized, be sure to take your music along in case you need to refer to it.

Have fun making music!

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