Calm the Nerves

Performing in recitals can be stressful.  There are so many musical details to remember……..the notes, dynamics, phrasing and expression.  You also want to please your teacher, friends and family. 

To have a good recital experience, try to focus on the positive parts of performing:  think about how fun your music is to play, how much everyone in the audience will enjoy hearing it, and how proud you will feel when you are done.

But what if I get nervous?

Breathe.  Breathing relaxes your muscles and can lower your heart rate (pulse).  It also brings oxygen to your brain, which it needs to function properly.  Take a few deep breaths, slowly counting to 4 as you inhale and again to 4 as you exhale.

Visualize.  Imagine you are in a calm place, like a dream vacation spot.  Think about all the calming things about that place and pretend you are transported there for a moment to relax.

Relax muscles.  Lightly rub the back of your neck and your shoulders to help them relax a bit.  Make big circles with your arms, moving them slowly.  Slowly pull your shoulder blades close together, squeezing them gently and then let them go back to their places slowly.

Think from a spiritual point of view.  You’ve been given a very special talent that many people wish they had.  Put a higher power in charge when you perform.  You are providing the skills in the performance but they are in charge.

Enjoy making music in your performance and stay focused on how great you’ll feel afterwards!


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