Top reasons to study piano

Piano study is more than just learning to read music and playing pieces.  Piano study can be an important influence on the student, both musically and personally.  Benefits include:

Instills Self-Discipline.  Music lessons may be the first adventure the young child will experience realizing that only he/she alone can accomplish the results desired.  Accomplishment of goals helps instill a sense of responsibility that will carry over to the classroom and other activities.

Increases Concentration Span.  Learning to play the piano requires strict attention.  To effectively keep a steady beat, play the correct notes, pedal properly and interpret dynamic marks, the student must continually look ahead one or more measures.  Music demands the ability to concentrate, at first in small segments, then in gradually larger portions of time.  Attention to detail is developed.

Develops Coordination.  Music improves coordination between thought and action.  It requires mental alertness, accuracy and good memory.  Imagine the throught process required when playing the piano.  The eye sees the music and sends a message to the brain, triggering movements of fingers and feet as needed.

Provides An Emotional Release.  Everyone has the basic need to express themselves – young and old.  Music is called the universal language because it has no boundaries in expressing the emotions of life such as joy, sorrow and excitement.  Music helps create an emotional release in both the performer and listener.

Instills Self-Confidence and Poise.  Playing the piano gives the student a strong feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction.  The child who is willing to share his/her musical training with an audience will become socially more at ease with others.

Instills a Love and Appreciation of Music.  Probably the most lasting value of piano study is the love and appreciation of music that is fostered during lessons.  The roots of the child’s musical taste and the knowledge of different types of music both occur in the piano lesson environ.  These values and the ability to play the piano will endure throughout adult life and are often passed to the next generation.


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