Calendar for 2020

The 2020 studio calendar will be published soon….the next holiday coming up is Memorial Day on May 25, 2020

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Mommy & Me or Daddy & Me Beginning Piano!

An exciting and creative time for you and your child to explore the piano together! Child age 4-10 recommended.

This is a 5 week private course for you and your child together to learn beginning piano. Learn together and experience the joy of music!

The 5 week course utilizes the Intervalic Middle C method, the top national piano education method for understanding music and easy sight reading.  Limited openings for 30 minute private course offered on Saturday mornings.  Curriculum included.

Please call (949) 510-7629 for further information!

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Upcoming 2020 Recitals

Our upcoming recital will be held at the Mission Viejo Civic Center on Sunday, September 20, 2020.

We look forward to an enjoyable afternoon of music!  More details to follow soon!

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Smaller Community Service Recitals

A local senior residence has invited us to have small recitals featuring 10 students to play in small concerts at their facility.

In these smaller recitals, students would play two musical selections and experience giving back to our community.  Students, if you have an interest in playing, please contact Mrs. Evans.  Five community service hours are given for recital participation, 8 hours for playing the piano and being an announcer.

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Why children should study music…..the bottom line

  • Students who study an instrument have higher overall grade point averages in high school and score 21-38 points higher on Scholastic Aptitude Tests (SATs) than other students.
  • There is a high correlation between positive self-perception, high cognitive competence test scores, self-esteem and music study.
  • Music experiences instill positive attitudes and a desire to achieve excellence.  Other skills music study grows include the ability to set goals, attention to detail and internal motivation.
  • Children raised in cultures rich with music tend to develop learning and communication skills more quickly than other children.
  • Students participating in music study outperform non-music students on achievement tests in reading and math.  These differences become greater the longer the student studies an instrument
  • Children learn to reach for their very best.  Solo performance is connected to self-esteem and self-efficiency.
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